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Controlsoft Engineering India Pvt Ltd
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DCS-SCADA Systems....

Controlsoft Engineering provides SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and DCS (Distributed Control System) solutions that control, analyse and record production processes whilst simultaneously distributing accurate information over site-wide networks.

A  typical SCADA or DCS system utilises one or more standard PCs as operator stations,  that connects via a PLC (programmable logic controller)  or DCS control and I/O Units,  to the section of plant that is being monitored. It provides a sophisticated operator interface with control capabilities for discrete, continuous and straightforward batch manufacturing. The SCADA and DCS operator stations often connects to the customer's general-purpose PC network and to a "server PC" that stores production data sent to it by the SCADA/DCS system.

To ensure that all SCADA and DCS solution requirements are met as quickly and efficiently as possible Controlsoft Engineering provides a variety of services including:

- IO List Preparation and Allocation of IOs to DCS/PLC modules
- Functional Design Specification of DCS/PLC control system
- Control Philosophy and Block Logic Diagrams
- DCS control unit configuration
- PLC Programming
- Soft PLC Coding
- Operator Interface (HMI) Design & Configuration
- Plant Database Construction
- Graphic and IO validation
- I/O Device Driver Development
- Provision of Production Management Reports
- Server Equipment and Databases
- On site installation and commissioning support services
- Annual Maintenance Contract Services