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Linking Plant Control System to ERP....

ERP systems provide management of data from factory floor to boardroom. Functions commonly comprise production scheduling, resource tracking, accountancy and financial control, supply chain management, quality control, plant maintenance, project management, sales and distribution, human resources management and electronic commerce.

Controlsoft Engineering has experience in linking real-time systems of various kinds to ERP packages.

The starting point is usually a requirement to extract data from a real-time system and to pass it to the ERP system, unsolicited or at predetermined times, in a format that is secure and acceptable to the ERP host. There is also the need to pass data the other way and to act upon it, to make factory-floor systems in effect interpret the commercial edicts of the enterprise. The linkage between a (real-time) batch control system and a (ERP) production planning system is a good example of this.

For all their size and power, ERP systems are seldom able to satisfy every requirement of the customer's business needs. Controlsoft Engineering is experienced in the development of technical and semi-commercial functions - for example site safety systems - that meet these special needs and, of course, integrate with ERP.

- Project Management
- Network Integration
- Data Translation and Reporting
- Database Integration
- Specialised Customer Functions-