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Controlsoft Engineering India Pvt Ltd
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Site installation & Commissioning....

For process measurements to achieve the targets of safety, accuracy, eliability and economy it is very essential and important the instruments are calibrated, installed, impulse tubed, wired and loop tested before they put into service, as per the recommended industrial practice.

Controlsoft Engineeirng with its associated partner can provide the following services for new or revampting of existing installations of Instrumentation & Electrical equipments/components:,
Testing & Calibration of all process Instruments such as Pressure, Flow, Level, Temperature , DP Transmitters, Switches, Gauges, Gas Analyzers and sensors like Thermocouples and  RTDs
Stroke checking & calibration of Control valves, On-Off valves, MOVs, Power Cylinders and Dampers, PSVs etc
Fabrication and installation of Base frames, installation, testing, internal wiring & comissioning of DCS & PLC systems, junction boxes, LCPs, Local control stations, push button stations etc
Supply fabrication and erection of cable trays, ducts, racks, conduits along with necessary support
Supply,fabrication and laying of air and impulse piping (GI,Cu,SS,AS,CS) with necessary Arc and Argon welding with DPT, Radiography and pneumatic as well as hydro-test
Supply, meggering, laying, glanding and termination, continuity and loop checking of signal, control and power cables of all sizes
Testing of Electrical panels such as HT, LT, MCC, LVDT, AVR Panels, Transformers and bus ducts
Testing of Earth pits and induction motors
Fabrication and installation of base frames, installation of Transformers, HT & LT panels, lighting panels, bus ducts, LCS etc
Supply, laying, glanding and termination of HT & LT cables of all sizes
Supply, fabrication of light fixtures, poles, welding sockets etc
Supply and installation of earth pits, earth wires and strips.