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Consultancy Services......

The investment in consultancy can repay itself many times over by choosing the most appropriate solution when considering a new system or enhancements to an existing system. It is also invaluable when the client knows what he wants but doesn't have time to write the specifications!

The definition of Control and Operability Philosophy at the start of any development project is considered very essential. If the requirements are clearly defined and documented, half the job is done.

Controlsoft Engineering, provide necessary support to users and specifiers during the concept study and requirement analysis stages of automation projects. The consultancy has experience with both continuous and batch process plants and their applications, including total systems integration. We approach the project through object based philosophy to identify and document functionality. The ‘User Requirement Specifications’ and Functional Design Specifications’ will be provided using  a diagram based modeling tool which allows hundreds of Diagrams to be related to each other through hierarchical links and data tables integrated with the diagrams.

Controlsoft Engineering can give excellent advice to all customers, which will put minds at rest. Consultancy assignments are many and varied, e.g.

   - Selection of Field Instruments and Control systems
   - Control Strategy Definition
   - Distributed Control System Configuration
   - Control & Operability Study
   - Batch Process Definition
   - Batch Record Analysis
   -  Real-Time Software Development

Many projects are problematical from the start because of failure to address operability requirements and, more importantly, the specific context within the automation strategy for the overall plant.   Machinery suppliers understand perfectly how their machinery package functions.   But any change in the control system hardware platform and/or alter the scope of its control functionality after order placement will result in incompatibilities and added cost/delivery on which the client will have less control. The trouble is that the problems are often only realised once the machine gets to site.

Controlsoft Engineering, can provide consultancy experience of assisting suppliers and customers to identify automation strategy that reflects their plant operating objectives.  A clearly understood and accepted strategy is the starting point for writing machinery specifications and entering into productive discussions with suppliers.

We can work with machinery suppliers and/or end users to help resolve requirements in an impartial way.   Investment in even a few days of our time can save weeks or months of expensive headache during later stages of any project.