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Controlsoft Engineering India Pvt Ltd
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Association partner for a DCS Manufacturer

Controlsoft Engineering is proud to be associated with the overseas division of a DCS Supplier in Chennai,  for the past 10 years assisting them in the following areas of engineering for many projects in chemical, petrochemical and power plants across the world:


Key ongoing/completed Projects
Detailed Engineering of Instrumentation of Power Plants

Controlsoft Engineering is associated with the above DCS vendor for carrying out the detailed engineering activities for 6 units of coal fired power plant in South Africa. The detailed engineering jobs of field instrumentation and associated documentation developments were carried out with the help of Intools - Smar Plant automation tool from Intergraph.

Controlsoft Engineeirng had also executed the detailed engineering of a captive power plant DCS control system for a petro chemcial manufacturer in chennai. The DCS system was supplied by Emerson.
DCS Graphic Screen Development including scripts
Validation of DCS graphics withh Control datababase
Graphic FAT participation at Customer place
Detailed engineering of Power Plant instrumentation
Control system design and development of GA and wiring drawings for DCS system and marshalling panels
Controls and logic development for selective projects
Site commissioning assistance
Detailed Engineering of Petrochemical & Chemical Plants

Controlsoft Engineering was involved in the detailed engineering of revamping of the existing control system of an MEK production unit  using Mod30 Controllers with Yokogawa DCS system and the transition to the new control system was carried out while the plant is running with minimal downtime. The job involved study of existing loops, junction box wiring diagrams, study of existing control panel wiring diagrams, power distribution etc and then designing a suitable new control system. Graphic screens and Control Philosophy for the DCS has been developed in association with end customer and validated during FAT.

Controlsoft Engineering was also subsequently involved in the expansion program of the MEK plant (doubling the capacity), identical to the existing production units - optimizing the field engineering and integrating the existing DCS to the new DCS system supplied by Yokogawa. The project also involved the detailed engineering of field instrumentation, procurement assistance and construction supervision.

For the same customer Controlsoft Engineering had also executed detailed engineering of a fine chemicals and Sulphuric acid concentration plants using Yokogawa DCS.
Detailed Engineering and Automation of Paint Production Plant

Controlsoft Engineering had engineered and executed a paint production plant in the suburb of Chennai right from P and I D development upto the commissioning of the plant. The automation was carried with the help of GE Fanuc's redundant PLCs with PcVue SCADA as a supervisory controls. The job involved detailed engineering activities of both Instrumentation and Electrical systems, programming of PLC and SCADA sreen development and connectivity of the SCADA systems to their plant ERP system
Detailed Engineering and Automation of Herbal Extraction Plants

Controlsoft Engineering had engineered and executed a number of Batch and Continuous plants for Herbal Extraction units in Haridwar right from P and I D development upto the commissioning of the plant. The automation was carried with the help of Honehywell HC900 and Techno Trade's Tbox units, along with PcVue SCADA as supervisory controls. The job involved detailed engineering activities of both Instrumentation and Electrical systems, programming of PLC and SCADA sreen development
Detailed Engineering of Water, Waste Water and STP projects

Controlsoft Engineering is proud to be associated with few OEMs/Contractors who build Water, Waste Water and STP treatment units on EPC contract basis. We have completed more than 18 projects of detailed engineering of Instrumentation and Electrical  for these OEMs.

The engineering involves updatation of P and I Diagrams to the ISA standards, preparation of procurement related documents viz Datasheets, SLDs, specification for PLC/SCADA/DCS and MCCs,  preparation of Construction related documents like Cable Schedules, tray layout, hook ups etc, bid evaluation and recommendation, post order document verifications, preparation of control philosophies and validating the same during FAT, site construction supervision and commissioning support.
Consultancy and Detailed Engineering of TiO2 Plant Automation

Recently, Controlsoft Engineering had completed the revamping of an existing manually operated TIO2 production unit in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, by providing total automation solution including the engineering of field instruments and PLC based Control system.

The consultancy involved
-Preparation of P and I Diagrams
-Preperation of generic detailed engineering documents viz Instrument Index, IO list, Datasheets, PLC/SCADA specifications and all construction related documents like cable schedule, tray layouts, hook ups and MTO
- Preparation of Control Philosophy
- Inspection of vendor supplied items
- Installation and commissioning supervision

Controlsoft Engineering was also responsible for programming the Siemens S7400 redundant PLC systems and the development of graphics using PcVue SCADA software. Total IOs handled - external and internal - was approximately 12000.

Detailed Engineering for offshore Oil & Gas production facilities

Controlsoft Engineering is in association with Oiltech Engineering India Pvt Ltd for carrying out Instrumentation FEED and detailed engineering of Oil & Gas offshore production facilities like FPSO, fixed platforms etc. Detailed engineering for more than 6 Nos of FPSOs have been successfully executed in the past 7 years. The job involves the end to end detailed engineering right from preparing Instrumentation & Control Design basis, philosophies for PCS, ESD and F&G control systems up to the follow up support during construction at shipyards.

Controlsoft Engineering had also carried out auditing/validation of the instrumentation & telecommunication detailed engineering documentation of fixed platforms, completed by other contractors/consultants for adequacy.

Controlsoft Engineering had also been involved in an auditing of construction of an FPSO at an Malaysian Shipyard on the  field Instrumentation, F&G, ESD and PCS control systems.
PLC/SCADA Programming and Commissioning of Aluminium Rodding Shops

Controlsoft Engineering is associated with an Aluminium Rodding Shop EPC contractor in France for carrying out the PLC programming of various machines - using Rockewell Control Logix and Siemens S7300/400 controllers and development of operator interfaces using panel mounted HMI and SCADA Systems. The PLCs were programmed as per the functional analysis documents provided by the client and our engineers had visited France to test the programs along with the machines. Recently our engineers were primarily involved in the installation and commissioning of the rodding shop in two of the Hindalco production units in Madya Pradesh and Orissa.