PcVue SCADA Solutions

Controlsoft Engineering is the distributor for PcVue SCADA for Indian market for the last one decade and we have many installations of PcVue SCADA licenses in various industries which include, Process Automation, Machinery Automation, Solar Plants, Substations, building automation etc.

PcVue SCADA is edited by ARC Informatique, France who is a leading European company in Industrial IT, which has dedicated 30 years to providing solutions for monitoring and control. They invest in new technologies and integrate them into their products to deliver solutions that enable clients all over the world to reduce their production costs, manage their energy usage and make their facilities more productive.

All over the world, PcVue SCADA has an installed base of 50,000 licenses and every year 3000 new liences are getting added to this installation base.

PcVue SCADA licenses are available as a Single Station or totally networked, redundant SCADA Stations with many built in native drivers of well know PLC and electronic devices. By default, the SCADA licenses support OPC (both server and client) and the Web server capabilities.

Salient Features

  • Client Server Technology
  • Supports the latest Microsoft Windows operating system
  • Unlimited Internal Tags
  • ODBC,OLE & DDE Support
  • Microsoft VBA support
  • Properitary SCADA Basic language for complex applications
  • Easy and intuitive configuration and devleopment - No compilation required
  • Properitary as well as open data archiving (MS SQL)
  • Smart Building Ready
  • 21CFR part 11 Compliance
  • IEC 61850 and IEC 104 driver support
  • Data Export to Excel
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