Business solution
SYSTEM302, through its transparent integration with advanced information systems such as MES (Manufacturing Execution System), PIMS (Process Information Management System) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), transforms advanced field data into business intelligence. This automation structure, hierarchically well positioned to the enterprise, enables the connection of many different data sources – including commercial, supply chain and production.

SYSTEM302’s flexibility and expansion capacity enables users to reconfigure and expand their systems according to market conditions without the need for major investments. As a result, your valuable resources can be used in a more productive and intelligent way.

Proficiency in field networks
Our know-how has made us experts in countless types of automation applications, with ensured safety and additional facilities for our clients and partners. As Fieldbus network pioneers with thousands of systems installed worldwide, we strive to make our technological skills available to meet your unique requirements.

Simplified engineering
Full collaboration in a multi-user environment facilitates and reduces the time required for project planning, design and execution. In order to make the engineering process more efficient, SYSTEM302 offers a large template library for equipment and control strategies. In addition, users may perform both interlocking and continuous control in the same environment thanks to the powerful resources of the DFI302 control platform.

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